RE#SISTER presents: MxMARS, Local Jungle + Back to Squishness!

Thursday August 27, 20:30 hrs: WORM Rotterdam

A night of live music and Squish art. During this RE#SISTER night you can also enjoy the premiere of the Squish art expo, a queer celebration of extravagance, kitsch, and camp culture.

Coming on stage for a live audience:

In their new project MxMARS, vocalist and producer Marty Ydema creates apocalyptic experimental electro pop. Sinister but sincere lyrics with dark melancholy. They are currently working on their first EP.

Local Jungle is a duo project with cellist Nina Hitz and vocalist and computer musician Vilbjørg Broch.
They play instant and imagined compositions. Keywords are: spectral, theatrical, multi-tonal, mathematically ordered chaos, nonperiodic order, historical transmutations, symmetry groups acting on space, organically grown poetics, free fall rhythmical landings.

RE#SISTER @ Dutch Modular Fest 2020 Stream Day

Saturday August 29: Online

With Suzana Lașcu, Tamara van Suylekom, and Mariëtte Groot.