RE#SISTER is a community of women and non-binary artists, musicans and experimentalists who have been gathering in WORM's electronic music studio since 2018. Resenting the fact that way more men than women used this studio, Mariƫtte Groot (WORM curator) invited women and non-binary people with an interest in sound and/or electronic music, to make music together, support and learn from each other. In addition, they organise events and are regularly asked for performances in venues and festivals across the Netherlands.

RE#SISTER is about exchange, empowerment and interaction, about making and thinking experimental music. It is about learning based on equality and talent development; it acknowledges the creative potential in every person, especially those underrepresented in live electronic music .

The RE#SISTER community meet in WORM once a month, discuss new plans, and jam together, exploring the equipment in the studio. In addition, among them they initiate workshops, organize events and are regularly asked to perform at WORM as well as other venues.
Some members have been commissioned by WORM to make a radioplay in the studio. In a weekly radio show for Radio WORM, RE#SISTER Radio brings an extra highlight on female and non-binary musicians, and fresh recordings of the jam sessions.

RE#SISTER is supported by WORM in the form of facilities, publicity and opportunities to play live and record music.

The open character of the group, its great variety in talents, ideas and expertise, and the solidarity among them continue to result in a dynamic output that attracts and inspires women and non-binary people of all ages to join in. There are no requirements in terms of experience or equipment, and there is no formal membership.